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Treasury Of Irish Fairy And Folk Tales

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A Treasury of Irish Fairy and Folk Tales collect more than 200 stories from the rich folk legacy of the Emerald Isle. Its pages are animated with colorful tales of the fairy folk in all their many guises: the changeling, the banshee, the headless dullahan, the leprechaun, the merrow, and the ever-mischievous pooka. In addition, this volume includes tales of ghosts, witches and fairy doctors, priests and saints, encounters with the devil, titans of Ireland's historical past, as well as popular treasure legends.
The trooping fairies. The cave fairies --
Popular notions considering the Sidhe race --
Changelings --
The solitary fairies. The lepracaun, the cluricaun, and the Far Darrig --
The pooka --
The banshee and the dullahan --
Ghosts --
Witches and fairy doctors --
T'yeer-na-n-oge --
Priests and saints --
The devil --
Giants --
Rocks and stones --
Treasure legends --
Legends of the western islands --
Kings, queens, princesses, earls, and robbers